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Isolina is a tribute to the spirit and flavors of our beloved taverns of yesteryear; to that Peruvian kitchen at home and to the forgotten recipes in old notebooks. A relaxed atmosphere makes us a space to eat, drink and have a good time, where spontaneous laughter and the freedom to eat as everyone wishes are celebrated.

What we offer

We want to rescue traditions that, beyond a plate and a glass, are transferred to their environment, to their music, to their smells and sensations. The idea of ​​sharing at home takes over a menu that we constantly renew, made up of generous platters that go to the center of the table and where each person decides the portions they want to taste.

Among stews prepared for long hours, tasty dressings that do not seek delicacies but memories, sandwiches, chilcanos, beers and classic cocktails. We want to be the meeting point between this


  • Monday -  Wednesday: 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Thursday - Saturday: 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Sundays 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Our locations

You can find us in our two locations:

  • Av. Prolongación San Martín 101, Barranco

  • Av. El Polo 605, Santiago de Surco

Contact us

Call us: +51 943833031

Our chef: José del Castillo

After studying journalism and business administration, José entered the D'Gallia Institute, where his true passion was born: traditional and homemade cooking from Peru. He was 28 years old and had a lot of flavor to share.

In 2001 he took over the stores of La Red, his mother's restaurant (Isolina Vargas) founded in 1981. Under his leadership, the restaurant became a benchmark in the Lima gastronomic circuit, consolidating itself in 2009 with the opening of its second location. Fish and shellfish led the new menu proposal, but without abandoning its Creole origins.

In 2015 Isolina opened its doors, a tribute to his mother whose culinary proposal seeks to rescue the flavors forgotten in old cookbooks and value the food of yesteryear. Currently, José is working on this adventure, always thinking of a new meeting point for all those who like to eat delicious food around a good table.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where we can find the restaurant?

We have two locations: 

  • We are at Prolongación San Martin 101, corner with Domeyer, Barranco. As a reference, two blocks from the police station and one block before the Bridge of Sighs.

  • Also, you can visit us in our newest location at Av. El Polo 605, Santiago de Surco

Can we book a table?

We take reservations online through this same web page or via MESA 24/7. We recommend you to book in advance because the available places run out relatively quickly. In case you have problems, please write to us at reservas@isolina.pe. For weekend lunches and holidays we only serve in order of arrival.

Do you have parking?

We do not have parking or valet parking service. However, there are spaces set up by the Municipality very close to our restaurant, such as Calle Domeyer and El Parque de Barranco.

Do you have baby seats and changing tables for babys?

Yes, we have baby chairs, as well as a changing table located on the first floor.

Do you have any vegetarian dishes?

We have stir-fried noodles with vegetables, vegetable omelette, pepián with rice, black bean tacu tacu or canary bean tacu, fresh house salad.

How much does the corkage cost?

30 soles per bottle of wine and 50 per bottle of other spirits.

Do you allow pets?

At the moment we do not have the facilities so that your pet and our clients can be comfortable.

Do you deliver? Can I order to go?

You can place your delivery order through this same web page or via MESA 24/7. You can also order takeout online or in person on the first floor of the restaurant.